Pause on the Google searches like “what to get my wife for Christmas” or “best Christmas gift for her,” because as a female-led day spa, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on the best holiday gifts for her. After reading this blog, you’re going to know the 3 gifts that will wow the woman in your life. No second-guessing — you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Soothing Massage

The first on our list is a soothing, pain-relieving, stress-reducing massage. You can opt to use your two hands, but we highly suggest treating your lady with a professional massage service. A massage makes for a perfect gift! Why? Because it’s guaranteed to do these five things for your loved one: relax, de-stress, increase blood flow and flexibility, and make her extremely happy! 

Gifting her with a massage is a great way to let her know that you care about her health and well-being. Just imagine the smile on your wife’s, fiancé’s, or girlfriend’s face when she realized you booked her a massage.

You don’t even have to let her know you got it for such a fantastic, affordable price. Just browse our specials and select the massage service that catches your eye. Our Refined Beauty Day Spa offers over 12 different massage options.

Cleansing Facial

Facials continue to grow in popularity. Chances are your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend has seriously considered getting one. The benefits of a facial include improved skin tone and elasticity restoration.  Our day spa has a variety of facial and skin treatment services to choose from. 

We understand that you may not know much about facials, so you can schedule a FREE consultation (for your loved one), and we’ll point them in the right direction.

Gift Card or Spa Package 

If you really want her to be amazed… so amazed that she’s even speechless, you can gift her with a gift card or spa package. The benefits are even better because, with a gift card, you can select any amount, and she can choose whichever service for that amount. She can get a facial, manicure, pedicure, or whatever she wants. If you’re unsure what she’d like best – a Refined Beauty Day Spa gift card would be perfect.

Our spa package is also a delight because there’s a package for every need. You can even join in on the gift with the 90-minute Couple Premium Retreat. Have a lady that’s into fitness or sports? Try the Executive Workout. Or purchase the Perfect Gift Spa Day; it’s coupled with a light refreshment to leave her refreshed and energized. 

Each year, a few dozen men choose to surprise the woman in their life with one of these thoughtful gifts. And we’re updated at how much their lady loved the present. 

So, what are you waiting for? Put an end to hopelessly searching Google – you now have the answers. Wow the woman in your life with a massage, facial, gift certificate, or spa package from Refined Beauty Day Spa, conveniently located in Coral Springs.