Feel Clean and Beautiful with any of waxing services.

Waxing is the most widely used effective way to quickly remove body hair. Warm Wax will apply .We using special Wax for sensitive Skin ,its reach in quality.During waxing Eeach spectula will throw each time ,we never dip same specula in wax .Clean and hygienic place.

All of our estheticians also offer a full range of waxing services. Services include also full bikini waxing, full Brazilian waxing with hard Wax,European Wax,Film Wax.

Our waxing will leave your skin feeling smooth as well as help enhance your appearance. Waxing services also include leg Wax and Man back waxing, full arm,full leg waxing for man and woman.

Waxing Services

Waxing Services Price
Forehead / Hairline $10 & Up
Eyebrows $12
Lip $8 & Up
Chin $10 & Up
Bikini Line
$25 &Up
Semi Bikini $35 &Up
Brazilian Bikini with Back Bikini
$55 & Up ( call for first time special )
Under Arm - Regular Wax
$10 & Up (  European Hard Wax price is more than regular wax )
Full Arm $30 & Up
Half Arm $20 & Up
Full Leg $55 & Up
Half Leg $35 & Up

Full Face $35 & Up
Side of Face $15& Up
Back waxing $55 & Up
Stomach $35 & Up
shoulder waxing

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