waxingFeel Clean and Beautiful with any of waxing services.

Waxing is the most widely used effective way to quickly remove body hair.

Warm wax is applied to hair and covered with small strips of cloth. When the wax hardens sufficiently, the cloth is pulled off quickly to remove hair up from the roots. Some discomfort is associated with the procedure. Generally, discomfort lasts less than five days.

All of our aestheticians also offer a full range of waxing services ,services include full bikini waxing,full Brazilian waxing.

Our waxing will leave your skin feeling smooth as well as help enhance your appearance. Waxing services also includes: full-leg and half-leg waxing, bikini waxing, and back waxing,full arm,full leg waxing.

We offer women choice of brow, underarm or bikini line wax and Men choice of brow, nose or ear wax for the guest.

Our aestheticians and skin care therapist specializes in hair removal using hard and soft wax for various areas of the body.Experienced aestheticians pays special attention to avoid any irritation ,uses methods that minimizes pain and provides the best results for our guests.

After waxing we massage with cold stones which will cool and sooth the skin.

Some women tweeze. Tweezing makes ingrown hair. Hair grows under the skin instead coming out this will make bumps and bleed when you pull them.

For our guests who prefer not to wax or are allergic to waxes, we offer threading services for the upper lip, brows and full face.

Waxing Services

Waxing Services Price
Forehead / Hairline $10 & Up
Eyebrow $10 & Up
Lip $8 & Up
Chin $8 & Up
Bikini $20 &Up
Semi Bikini $35 &Up
Brazilian Bikini $40 &Up
Under Arm $10 & Up
Full Arm $30 & Up
Half Arm $20 & Up
Full Leg $50 & Up
Half Leg $13 & Up
Hand Fingers $6 & Up
Full Face $35 & Up
Side of Face $10 & Up
Back & Shoulder $50 & Up
Stomach $35 & Up
Soothing Ear Candling – 40 Minutes $35

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